When The Snow Flies

This was my first Avalon Historial Romance. And I liked it.

I’ve noticed there are quite a few zillion think pieces on romance novels of all sorts floating around the universe. I promise this isn’t one of them. 

I found Snow one afternoon when I was wandering through the library. One of my favorite ways to find new books or authors is to walk through the library, picking up and reading random books. My library has quite a large romance section so I spent a good amount of time there.  

I’ve found with romance novels that some of the books are just too sappy for me. I get bored with the sap – however, I do enjoy them on occasion. 

When The Snow Flies by Lairie Alice Eakes was a really fun read. I picked it up one afternoon and finished it before I went to sleep that night. Snow tells the story of Aubrey Sinclair Vanderleyden – a lady doctor in the years following the Civil War. She’s spunky and takes no ones crap. And she’s a widow tryingto rightfully   take over a business she bought with her now deceased husband. Of course, she ends up falling in love with Nathan, a local doctor who lost is eye sight to a tragic accident. 

I liked the character of Aubrey. Sure, she swoons quite a bit, but I would swoon too if I had to wear a long black dress and crazy old timey undergarments in the summer. I like how she sticks up for what’s hers and won’t give up on her dream of practicing medicine. 

One of the reasons I love romance novels (of all sorts) comes from the feminism of the ladies. Aubrey is definitely a feminist of sorts. Sure, she needs men to help her navigate the world she lives in. That was the time. But she also doesn’t give everything up and stay home, much to the discouragement of her family. In this book, Aubrey has a quiet form of feminism. Aubrey could even be a nice introduction of sorts to a reader that might not be assertive. Stick up for yourself like Aubrey! 

Anyways, that’s enough of me blabbering on. I liked When the Snow Flies. It was a fun easy read and I’ll definitely read more from Eakes. 


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