2017 Reading Goals

In 2016, I attempted to read 100 books. And I wasn’t able to accomplish it. 2016 was a busy year and there were times when I just didn’t have it in me to keep that reading train going.

This year though, I’ve got a plan. I want to read 100 books this year. Just because I can. And this year, I have some ways to help me reach that goal.

  1. Sherri L. Smith’s Book Club for a New Administration – I found Smith’s blog on twitter one day and saw her Book Club and I’m so excited to see what comes of it. January’s book is Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. This is my first Butler novel and I’m excited to check it out. I love discovering new authors and learning from their work. I think this book club will expose me to new types of books and ideas and I can’t wait. I’m also going to check out Smith’s own work at my library – her YA novels looks fantastic!
  2. Trump Syllabus 2.0 –  I found this syllabus online in the days following the presidential election. This mock college syllabus is fascinating  and contains so many books and articles that I haven’t read or even heard of. I’m someone that wants to be constantly learning and I think this syllabus will present me with books I wouldn’t have sought out on my own and make me think.
  3. My Blackwell’s Haul – Last summer, I got the chance to study at Oxford University and I loved absolutely every minute of my time there. I came home with an even larger desire to keep reading and learning and an extra suitcase full of books. I’m still compiling a complete list from Oxford and I’ve read a few of the books already, but I want to read the rest of the books I bought while there. I have a horrible habit of continually buying new books without reading the old, so I’d like to whittle down some of the unread books in my personal library.
  4. I need to read, on average 8 books per month to get to my ultimate goal. Some books will take longer than others, but I’ll be keeping this in mind along the journey.
  5. I’ll keep a running tab here, on this site, as well as in my handy reading journal. I figure having people see how many books I’ve read will help keep me reading when the siren call of Netflix beckons.
  6. Last, I’ve also decided to track how many pages of books I read in 2017. I haven’t done this before and I’m really curious to see how many pages I’ll end up with.


Happy Reading!



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