Favorite Literary Couples

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day for couples and candy consumption. I’ve never been so big on the holiday, but I enjoy cookies, so I’m always down for some sugar.

Today made me think about some of my favorite pairs in literature. Not just romantic pairs either. If Leslie Knope has taught us anything, we should also celebrate our friends.


Favorite Literary Couples

  1. Elizabeth and Jane Bennet – Most people think the best pairing in Pride and Prejudice includes Mr. Darcy. Me? Not so much. I love Jane and Lizzie – their relationship is strong and beautiful. They have each other’s back. They can both make mistakes, but they both want the other to be happy. Jane and Lizzie are awesome and I sometimes wonder if their relationship might be based on Jane Austen’s actual relationship with her sister Cassandra.

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  1. Hermione and the Hogwart’s Library – Yes, I know, she actually ends up with Ron. But Hermione’s first real love is the Hogwart’s library. It’s there that she learns about herself while saving Harry and Ron from countless horrors and can still get her homework finished on time. The library is where Hermione turns when she’s scared, she’s happy or she just needs a place of refuge. The library is her constant companion throughout the series. Even when she’s away from Hogwarts, she still pulls from the knowledge she’s gained during all her hours spent among the books.

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  1. Bess and George – Nancy Drew’s chums are her constant investigative companions. They’re what add some spice to Nancy’s life. Without even asking, they’re always down to solve a mystery, crawl through spooky houses at night and keep Nancy safe when prowler’s show up. They’re the best and I’ve loved them since I first picked up those classic books with the yellow spine.


  1. Mia Thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz- The Princess Diaries books were and still are a huge part of my life growing up. I always saw myself in Mia and had a crush on Michael. I loved their story and how I always knew they would end up together – I was just waiting for it to happen. They’re both awkward and smart and perfect for each other. I loved how Michael never made Mia be anything other than herself – even when she thought she needed to change. They had an egalitarian relationship and were a great example for 14 year old Anna.


There’s so many more great couples and groups in Literature – Frodo and Sam,Lyra Belacqua and her animal daeman, Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe and so many more. What are your favorite couples from books?

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Parable of the Talents – Octavia Butler 

Parable of the Sower

It took me much longer than usual to finish a book this size. Mostly because I felt it was too important to read quickly; I needed time, space and the ability to digest what I had read to really glean what I needed.

Parable of the Sower is one of the greatest books I have ever read. I wish I found it earlier. But certain books come to you at certain times in your life and this one had to be saved for me.

If you are at all concerned about the current state of the United States and how a Nazi is essentially President, you need to read this. If you’re not concerned about the current state of US affairs, you need to read this. If you’re just looking for your next book club book, read this. Everyone should be reading or already have read Parable.



I don’t want to say too much about plot, because I don’t want to ruin it. But what is happening is very close to our current truth. Science Fiction can hit so close to home and this story is no different. I know that sales of 1984 have increased dramatically. But so should sales in Octavia Butler’s books. Not since I read my first Harry Potter book have I felt such kinship with a story. In my own personal canon, Parable, and I’m sure Butler’s other works, will sit up there with HP and Jhumpa Lahiri and Kawabata, always on my mind, ready to be accessed at any moment, giving me guidance, inspiration and strength.

Please read Parable of the Sower, but give yourself time and space to do so. Especially at the beginning of the story, I found myself stressed and anxious when I read, the words and warnings eerily familiar.

My main take away? Like Lauren and the other characters – we must not give up hope. We must keep walking. We must keep trying to move forward. That’s how you resist.