For a day job, I spend my time at a youth shelter and residential program. That means I’m constantly around teenagers and all their germs. After working an extra long week, I was looking forward to five full days off. Unfortunately, some of those germies took resident in my sinuses and I came down with a nasty cold.

I was still able to have a good few days off. Over the weekend, in between naps, brunch and watching Golden Girls, I started and finished Married Lovers by Jackie Collins.


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There’s nothing I love more than reading a book full of drama. I love how Collins spin her tales of beautiful people in Hollywood – and of course, Married Lovers was a delight.

Jackie Collins is everything I want to read when I need  a break or feel sick. My day job is really hard. I spend my time with kids who have been severely neglected and abused in their short lives. They come to the organization where I work with typically no more than the clothes on their back and trunks of emotional baggage. I don’t always want to read heavy, complicated books. Sometimes I want to read a silly drama about different rich people in Hollywood.

I’ve always loved romance novels and other books similar to Jackie Collins. It’s an escape from reality. And isn’t that what reading is for? Sure, I read to educate myself, I read to change my viewpoint. I read to challenge all my bias and assumptions. But I also read to help myself fall asleep when I’m too anxious. I read when I need to give my brain a break. I read when I want to spend a good soak in my bathtub.

Having a healthy reading list is important. It’s like having a healthy diet – you can’t just eat raw vegetables all the time. There has to be room for those comfort foods – Lay’s potato chips, chicken noodle soup, layered bean dip. Jackie Collins and her expansive works fall squarely in the chicken noodle soup category of books. They’re soothing and you know you’ll feel better when you’re finished. I was able to take a mental break and give myself the time I needed to rest. Her books always totally suck me in and are so hard to put down until they’re totally finished. That’s what I needed this weekend. Married Lovers gave me time to relax and unwind, ready to go back to work this week.

So if you haven’t before – check out any or all of Jackie Collins‘ books. Her own story is incredible and her books are super fun.


Jackie Collins – The Chicken Soup of Literature

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