When I was in the third grade, my library card was punched so I could check out books from the adult section. And my whole world opened up. 

Basically, since I could comprehend that letters become words and words become sentences and those sentences become stories, I was totally hooked. I caught the reading bug hard and I’ve had a taste for literature ever since. 

Here’s the thing: I’ll read anything. Some of my favorite books have been purchased at grocery stores. I’ve lied about reading some (let’s be honest – most) of the classics, but in fairness, I have seen the BBC miniseries. I can’t help but pick up books from bargain bins or because a title has sparkly letters. Even if they’re awful – like free on Amazon because no one will pay for it awful – I’ll still read it and enjoy it. Pulitzer Prize worthy or craptastic, all books have a special place in my heart. I figure if the book makes the reader happy, no matter what anyone else thinks, it’s worth their time. 

This blog is dedicated to all those wonderful books – from the Oxford classics to the paperbacks I impulse buy with my groceries. 

Welcome to Bad Literature – where no book is safe from being devoured! 


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