The Reader

Name: Anna

Current Occupations: Graduate Student and Yoga Instructor

Past Occupations: Journalist, Gift Card Kiosk Inventory Manager, Barista, Natural Food Store Sales Clerk, Waitress, Finance Manager, Office Assistant, Nanny and Door to Door Cable Saleslady (for all of one week)

Future Occupations (Hopefully): Grown up Harriet the Spy, also known as Jessica Fletcher. Published Writer

Likes: Greek Salad, Coffee, Nepal, Yoga, The Beach, Pink Lipstick, Libraries, Independent Bookstores, The Green Mountains, The Boston Red Sox, Puppies, Traveling, Miniature Pigs and The Butler Bulldogs.

Dislikes: Library Overdue Notices, E-Books, Uncomfortable Shoes, Cleaning Snow off my Car in the Winter and Running out of Bookshelf Space.